Titop Island 

Unlike 2,000 other tourism spots in Halong, Ti Top does not only have beautiful nature view but also owns a fabulous sandy beach called Ti Top beach or Vang Trang beach (means the Moon beach, because the sandy beach looks like the moon hanging onto the island mountain). If you have only seen one picture of Halong bay, it is more likely taken from the crest of Ti Top island. Don’t wonder why there are thousands of tourists visit Ti Top island everyday. It is the highlight of entire Halong bay cruise experience and you will find out valid reasons for yours to come.

Titop Island Halong BayTitop Island Halong Bay

In the early years, the island was less known and called the “Graveyard” island. The name was in memorial of the death of a French cargo ship crew, who faced disaster nearby and buried on the island. It was kept until 1962, when Ho Chi Minh visited the island with a Soviet astronuat named Gherman Ti Top. He asked the locals to name this island after Gherman’s, from then, Ti Top island has become the symbol of friendship between Vietnam and Soviet Union.

There are many relaxing activities for travelers to enjoy on the beautiful island. The beach is not so big, but it is definitely peaceful and clean. Thanks to daily tidal wave rise, the sand is “washed” to white, lying next to nice emerald green sea water. Photo-generic views are everywhere for your Instagram tour. You can try kayak riding, parachute jumping, and other water activities to enjoy the beach fullfilly. If you are active enough, you are definitely supposed to climb to the top of Ti Top mountain, the only barier is the 400-step stair. No matter how tired you are from the stair, the high view will undoubtedly take your breath away. Widening your eyesight from the top, you would feel small, lost between the immensive lake and moutainous view. Being a part of nature, isn’t it the coolest part of trekking?

Titop Island Halong BayTitop Island Halong Bay from the sky

Ti Top island belongs to Route No. 2 in Ha Long tourism, many tourism boat tours are designed to stop at Ti Top for the night. It is recommended for tourists to travel to the island by boat or book a tourism boat to stay on the island for a night. You can look for Ha Long Bay Cruise as a preferred option. Second choice of yours can be taking sea plane to the island for the top view. Sea planes take off from Tuan Chau island, flying above 300m from water level.