The Most Beautiful Caves of Halong Bay 

Thien Canh Son Cave - Bai Tu Long Bay

The pathway to Thien Canh Son Cave is set below the forest canopy and a stone cliff, so you have the feeling you are climbing toward heaven. Inside the cave, it is an ethereal wonderland with naturally carved images resembling a lotus, and a baby elephant. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a shiny ‘gem carpet’, and numerous sparkling stalactites appear like ’hanging lamps’. Stone statues of seals and flowers create an imaginary dream world.

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Thien Canh Son Cave offers a wild and mysterious beauty. This is the reason why we choose to bring guests here – to discover the geological value of the bay, and to enjoy a cozy dinner with family and friends in sparkling candlelight.

Sung Sot Cave - Halong Bay

Centrally located in Ha Long Bay, Sung Sot Cave is subordinate to Bo Hon island and one of the largest caves in the Halong area. Upon discovery by the French in 1901, it was dubbed the Cave of Marvels "grotto les suprices". The uniqueness of this cave is that it holds many different shapes of stalagmites and stalactites which hang from the high ceiling. The formations inside seemingly come alive when light is reflected from several water pools inside the cave.

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Sung Sot Cave is partitioned into two chambers; the first one being similar to a wide theater hall. Many stalactites hang from the high ceiling, with numerous possible forms and shapes. A narrow passage leads to the second rooms, where a flow of light meets visitors. The ceiling rises 100 feet about your head and the floor space, big enough to hold one thousand people at a time measures an astonishing 110,000 square feet.

Thien Cung Cave - Halong Bay

The Thien Cung Cave is situated on the south-west side the bay, 4 km from the wharf outside of Halong City. The way to Thien Cung is a perilous one, covered on both sides by thick forest. After entering a narrow gate, the grotto’s 130-meter-long girth opens up. Getting in we are astonished by the very animated and splendid beauty which is made from stalactite. On the east wall of the grotto, there is a grandiose and imposing picture with characters of heroic tales.

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