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Ta Van is a small village located less than 10 km far from Sapa, lying peacefully in the valley of Muong Hoa. Located at a mountain base, Ta Van Village is about 7km away from Sapa town. The village is hidden in the foogy cloud, with beautiful rice paddles and natural ecosystem. Offering spectacular landscapes and cultural experience, Ta Van Village is one neighborhood village that you don’t want to miss during your trip to Sapa.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village is the home of 110 ethnic families (mostly Black H’Mong), who have stayed here for generations. There are two major minorities groups living in the village: the Giay and the Dao. Right after crossing the wooden bridge through Muong Hoa water stream, which connects Ta Van to the outside world, you will meet the Giay community. If you are coming in mid-November or December (October in Lunar calendar), the Giay’s wedding season with traditional wedding customs will be an fun plus for your experience. On the other hand, the Dao community is located a bit further upon the hill. These locals earn living mainly based on farming and tourism service occasionally.

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It takes only a day for your whole trip wandering around the village and join some local activities. However, thanks to Ta Van Village’s interesting nightlife, many travelers would choose to stay overnight at Ta Van’s homestay to fully experience the true spirit. Though electricity is available, the villagers don’t rely on it much. They go farming at dawn and get back at sunset, leaving the night for entertaining. Hence, it might be really quiet during the day, but the night is totally opposite with exceedingly crowded musical show routine. Around a huge bonfire, the locals usually enjoy gathering for fan dancing, bamboo dancing, multi bamboo flute dancing, in which they always welcome travelers to join. The best part of Ta Van trekking trip is probably the home cooked food coming straight off the homestay’s garden. All meals are fresh and tasty, not to mention their superb tasty complimentary drink – corn wine.

The road leading to Ta Van is narrow, only small cars and bikes can go through. It is best for you to ride a motorbike to enjoy the amazing path and blend in nature. However, the road might get slippery and dangerous to ride if you’re not comfortable with riding bikes. Then taking taxi to reach Ta Van is another reliable option.