Sung Sot Cave - The Cave of Surprises

The name “Sung Sot” (means “Amazed feeling”) would definitely describe how travelers feel towards Top 10 most beautiful cave on Earth. The cave was first found in 1901 by a French travelers and called Grotte Des Surprises (The Cave of Surprises) in a travel book established in 1938. Being one of the widest and most special caves of Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave is located in the center of the Bay, inside Bo Hon island. Despite having a small gate, the cave amazed visitors by its giant inner space, which probably explains the surprising name.

Sung Sot Cave Information

Inside Sung Sot Cave

The path to Sung Sot is a bit steep and lined with shady trees. Walking ascending to the grotto, your love for nature is satisfied with a path full of trees and foliage, surrounded by great paved stone blocks. The cave has 2 chambers, called the outer and the inner. The outer chamber is wide enough for an Opera theater metaphor. It is considered as the waiting room for travelers before getting inside. Thanks to high ceiling, many stalagmites look like beautiful chandeliers.

After the first chamber, a narrow road leads to the second one, opening a whole different scene with a wide space enough for thousands of people. Exploring the second chamber at the deepest point, a “royal” garden appears with a clear pond and fascinating landscape of mountains. The painting of nature harmony, where birds are singing, plants are growing and monkeys are searching for fruits will expose to your eyes. Keep going up about 50 steep stone stairs to the mouth of the grotto, surrounded by a lighting system with elegant styles adding more charm (as if the grotto needed), you will find a huge piece of stone standing up to the ceiling, which is one of the typical karst-style the evidences with high scientific values. And don’t forget to look for the 30m roof, which looks like patterns of a theater’s ceiling created purely by the Mother Nature.

Sung Sot Cave Guides

A stalagmite looks like beautiful chandeliers inside Sung Sot Cave

Legend tells that after defeating the An aggressors, Thanh Giong (the Saint Giong) helped villagers chase devils and demons away from the village and flew to heaven. He left his stone horse and swore to keep protecting his people. Sung Sot Cave was where villagers keep all the vestige of arms and Saint Giong’s horse footprint, which has become small lakes with huge stones surrounded.

Sung Sot Cave Tips to avoid

Wonderful view from Sung Sot Cave

From Ha Noi, it takes 3 hours to travel to Halongby by car. Travelers have up to 4 options of transportation: riding bikes or driving cars to the destination, taking bus from My Dinh station for the cheapest cost (first ride starts from 6AM and closed by 5PM), taking sea plane for fastest route and amazing view from top (Hai Au Airlines is the most popular branch to choose), and joining a tour cruise. You can look for Ha Long Bay Cruise as a preferred option. Arrived in Halong, you may book taxis or tourism boats from Indochina Treks Travel for a good wandering around before discovering Sung Sot Cave.

Tips visit Sung Sot Cave:

  • Don't forget to take pictures of Halong Bay at the mouth of the cave.

  • Stay close to your guide (if any), and pay attention when they switch shifts with other guide.

  • You can leave your stuff on the boat while you visit the cave.

  • Wear sensible shoes and bring your water as water sold at the cave entrance might be more expensive.