Overnight Cruise or Day Trip for Halong Bay

Halong Bay is about 170km from Hanoi. It will take 4 hours drive (including break at tourist stop at mid way). There are daily group tour for Day Trip and Overnight Cruise to Halong bay.

Day Trip

2 options you can do:

  • Starting from Hanoi: as for the distance, it will take around 8 hours drive for both way transfers. So we do not recommend this unless you have too limited time. This group tour starts daily at 8am from Hanoi. Then you will have 4 hours touring around Halong bay, visiting the Sung Sot or Thien Cung Cave. You will arrive Hanoi at about 8pm.
  • Starting from Halong Bay: you can start the tour in the morning from 7:30 or in the afternoon from 12:30 for 4 hours touring Halong Bay. This is best for those who are staying at hotel in Halong bay.

Overnight Cruise

There is no better way to experience the most stunning scenery of one of the most beautiful bays recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO than aboard a cruise experience. There are now many choice of cruises from all grades (Standard to very Luxury boats). All cruises are well-equipped as small floating hotels.

Sleeping onboard is an enjoyable experience when you can feel the breathtaking landscape right beside your bedroom. Tourists to Halong Bay are often confused that they should stay for one night or two nights on cruise. If you don’t have a lot of time or you’re on budget, one night is enough. If you have quite a plenty of time, two nights are great. If not, one night should be fine. One night on a Halong Bay cruise may be lovely, but when you finally make it to this natural wonder you should really stay for at least two.

Tourists firstly hesitated by the price difference. Most of them were afraid that they would waste their money and time on the Bay. The one night option is a safer choice. One night is ideal for those who want to experience the Bay within a limited time frame.