Mekong Fruit Orchards

Thanks to its nine tributaries acting as arteries supplying a tremendous amount of precious alluvial sediments, Cuu Long is also praised for its bountiful orchards. You can visit these gardens while visiting the region and have first-hand experience of walking between row after row of bounteous trees, besieged by thousands of delicious fruits waiting to be picked. From the common ones such as orange or apple to the more exotic such as the like of durian or dragon fruit, Mekong Delta’s orchards are inarguably a fantastic sight.

Cai Be Fruit Orchard (Tien Giang).

Surrounded by canals, around the year immersing in fertility alluvial of the Tien River Delta, Cai Be is a specialized cultivation areas providing fruits for domestic needs and for export as well. It is not only a large basket pf fruit of Mekong Delta, Cai Be is also a stop for most tourists.

Fruit orchards

Cai Mon Fruit Orchard (Ben Tre).

Known as the coconut land with the moderate climate all seasons of the year, Ben Tre is also a large fruit basket of the Southwest with variety of delicious fruits such as famous durian, rambutan, pomelo, mango, longan, plum…

Fruit orchards

Vinh Long Fruit Orchard.

Vinh Long has been famous for green fruit orchards during four season in which there are specially popular Nam Roi grapefruit. Tourists can relax while enjoy hands-on experience in harvesting fresh fruit in the orchard.

Fruit orchards