Lao Chai Village

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Lao Chai Village is only 6km away from Sapa town, hidden in Muong Hoa Valley. Here is the home of both the Giay and the Black H’Mong individuals. Visitors often recognize the distinction from their outfits. While the Giay often wear relatively simple clothing with vibrant color, the H’Mong looks more outstanding with more orrnamentation and embroidery. In this village, travellers often feel welcomed from all houses of the hospitable people. The locals would love to help you learn about their culture and special customs, including some daily activities such as weaving fabric and textiles. To encourage the locals’ traditional craft, tourists are suggested to buy the products not only for their distinction and beauty but also the practically useful features, such as brocade scarves, embroidering cuíhions or ethnic instruments for souvenirs.

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai almost lies in the middle of rice and corn terraces, giving travellers the chance to trace along with narrow but magnificent path on the fields to contemplate the whole zone. The best time to visit Lao Chai is from September to next April, when the village is decorated beautifully by the most wonderful rice terrace fields. On the main road, you can also get great panorama of the whole village looming in high mountains along with peaceful river flows.

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After a day of exploring Lao Chai with many interesting experiences, what is greater than you can fall asleep in the warm pads that have been prepared by the local people. In Lao Chai -, you will be wakened up in the early morning by the cock crows on the hill instead of the alarm bell, which will make you feel very peaceful and suddenly the old memories will rush back to you and make your soul become more relaxed. Lao Chai is an ideal destination for everybody after stressful working days, where you can temporarily forget about the busy life and to immerse in the beautiful and peaceful space.

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