Cat Ba National Park 

Cat Ba National Park is located in Cat Ba Island which is about 60km from Hai Phong city centre. Due to the diverse and unique biotic flora and fauna including sea ecosystems, forest ecosystems and mangrove ecosystems and many lagoons, limestone, etc., Cat Ba National Parl has been recognized as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park with a total area of up to 15200ha, which is the suitable habitat for many types of plants and animals. Including 2,320 plants and animals, of which 282 species of animals live in the forest, 538 species of sea animals, 196 marine fish species, 771 terrestrial plants, 23 species mangrove plants, 75 species of seaweed, 177 species of coral, etc. In addition, Cat Ba National Park also attracts tourists by the value of human history. The archaeological relics found here indicate that people may have lived in this land from 6000 to 7000 years ago.

Cat Ba National Park Halong Bay

Monkeys live in the Park

Tourism activities in the Park

1. Forestry Ecotourism

Coming to Cat ba National park, visitors possibly choose among various tour routes of different forest ecosystems to explore their rare wildlife resources, such as tropical everlasting green primitive forest, magroves, limestone vegetation types, or Kim Giao precious wood forest, and so on.

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Hiking in the Park

2. Sea Tourism

Besides forest ecotourism activities, the Park is also promoting its investment into marine ecotourism to meet the demands for exploring vast sea resources. In the sea area of the Park, visitors can chose among sea tourism types, such as taking boat trips to visit Lan Ha Bay, Van Boi, Viet Hai, Van Ta, Tra Bau areas, and rowing kayak to discover bay and gulf ecosystems, diving for a coral watch, climbing to some cliff of beautiful islands in Lan Ha Bay, fishing, swimming and sea bathing at isolated beaches, and other undersea sports.

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Kayaking to discover Lan Ha Bay

3. Discovering in caves

Cat Ba Archipelago was formed tectonic crust movements as well as the increase and decrease of sea level in millions of years ago. Cat Ba with karst territory is endowed with plentiful caves ang grottos. There are many charming caves and caverns in the Park, such as Trung Trang Cave, Thien Long Cave, Hospital Cave, attracting dozens of thousand of visitors annually.

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Inside Trung Trang Cave

The ideal time to visit Cat Ba National Park is from April to October, avoiding the rainy season so that you can enjoy many exciting climbing activities or exploring the natural ecosystems. Coming to Cat Ba National Park, you will escape from daily life with anxiety, busy roads to immerse yourself with beautiful natural scenery and ecosystems such as: mountains, forests, plants, and listening to birds, flowing streams sounds, etc. Don't be surprised, if you meet some strange animals during the journey, may be they are white-headed langurs, white tailpants langurs which are very rare species and only appear in this area.