Myanmar Airways - full list of Myanmar Airline with fares

Myanmar National Airways  is a state-owned airline and one of the national flag carriers of Myanmar, based in Yangon. Myanmar Airways operates scheduled services to all major domestic destinations. Its main base is Yangon International Airport.

History of Myanmar Airways

The airline was founded by the government after independence in 15 September 1948, as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA). It initially operated domestic services only, and international services were added in 1950. The name was changed to Burma Airways in December 1972, and to Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 following the renaming of the country from Burma to Myanmar. International services of Myanma Airways have been made as joint venture airline, Myanmar Airways International (MAI). Myanma Airways is the majority shareholder of Joint Venture Company MAI, set up in 1993. In 2003, it was proposed to set up a Myanmar-based airline for chartered international passenger and cargo flights, which was planned to be called Air Myanmar. What would have been a joint-venture between Myanma Airways and private investors was abandoned in 2005.
In mid-2012, Myanma Airways ordered to lease two new Embraer 190AR from GE Civil Aviation Services Co.Ltd, that replaced its Fokker F-28 from November 2012. On February 11, 2014, at the Singapore Airshow, Myanma Airways signed a $960 million deal with GECAS for 6 Boeing 737-800s and 4 Boeing 737 MAX planes. The deal is the largest commercial sale by a US company to Myanmar in decades and is the largest single aircraft order in the history of Myanmar's aviation industry. In December 2014, Myanma Airways re-branded itself to Myanmar National Airlines.

List of Myanmar Domestic Airways

Myanmar has some domestic airlines, usually fly at the same route and time. Most of them are small carriers, established recent decade or even recent years, and have a small fleet of a few aircraft (usually about 2 to 5). They are really comparable in cost, equipment, quality, service, food, and scheduling.
Mandalay Airways – (Safety, Reliability & Comfort) – It is the first Myanmar domestic airline, founded in 1994. They fly to 11 destinations with a tiny fleet of three. No incident to date.
Bagan Airways - (The Treasure of Myanmar) – The airline was founded in 2004. They have a somewhat reputation, with a fleet of 5 aircrafts and fly to 20 destinations comprising some international ones. E-tickets are available.
KBZ Airways- (Flying beyond expectation) – KBZ stands for Kanbawza Bank, one of the largest banks of the country. It is a new airline, which established in 2011. They fly to 15 domestic destinations with a tiny fleet of three. Specially, they now sell E-TICKET, accept VISA and MASTERCARD (many company in Myanmar do not accept any card). Services are quite good.
Asian Wings Airways (Fly beyond your dream) – They have 22 domestic destinations with a fleet of three planes, but new and decent. They have no incident. In 2013, Air Nippon (a Japanese airline) has invested in this brand. This is expected to improve the service and maintenance. They also have a reward club.
Myanmar Airways – They do not have a motto. Being established in 1948, it was formerly known as Burma Airways. They are fairly large with a fleet of twelve planes, including 7 genres of aircraft. They have several incidents recently, but no fatalities.
Myanmar Airways International (MAI) - is the state-owned enterprise related to flying international routes.
Yangon Airways (You’re safe with us) – Perhaps this motto does not fit in with the painted layer outside their planes. The airline founded in 1996, lies to 11 destinations with a small fleet of three. It is on the US Department of Treasury’s SDN list.
Golden Myanmar Airlines (Every day we do is your satisfaction) – This airline recently established in 2012. They run international flights to Singapore and Bangkok with two Airbus A320s as well as between Mandalay and Yangon, with more domestic routes planned. They have useful shuttle bus services from downtown to the airport.


Most domestic airports are relatively small (except Yangon International Airport), but some have nice cafés with good coffee and decent pastries so you can rest and enjoy here before boarding. Domestic airports also have some souvenir shops and money changers.
Some airports have X-ray scanners, others do not. There is free wifi, but it is really erratic.

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