Vietnam Visa Information

Beside people from some countries, most travelers will have to apply visa to enter Vietnam. Please check with our consultant in advance to know if you will need to apply to enter Vietnam.
In case you need to apply visa to Vietnam, hereunder are the most 2 convenient methods that you can do online:

1. Vietnam E-visa

E-Visa is most convenient and make your travel much easier and faster. You can do this online easily. Please see how E-visa looks here

E-visa is now widely accepted for 80 countries. You can see list of countries that allowed E-visa issuing.
To apply Vietnam E-visa, please check this link

Important Note*: all above links are official by Vietnamese Government. Do not apply through any other website.

2. Vietnam Visa on Arrival

We recently apply Vietnam Visa Online. It's very cheap and fast. Thanks for recommendation from Tripadvisor members reviews

Vietnam Visa on Arrival the visa that you can get upon arriving at an International Airport. The International Airports are: Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh city airport, Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang), Da Nang Airport, Cat Bi (Hai Phong) Airport, Phu Bai Airport (Hue), and Phu Quoc Airport. Vietnam Visa on Arrival is also called Vietnam Landing Visa or Vietnam Evisa. To apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you will need an Approval Letter granted by Vietnam Visa Immigration Office. With our services to apply visa on arrival, all you have to do is to fill out a Vietnam Visa Form with required passport information, pay for our service fees online by credit card and wait for 2 working days to get the Approval Letter.

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This is the best for normal passport holder with purpose of tourist or business. It is widely used and is the more preferred way to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam than the more traditional way through the embassy or consulate. The whole process would take just few minutes through a computer with internet connected. No need send your passport to anywhere, no document needed, and it is so fast, easy, reliable.

Vietnam Visa Online/Vietnam Visa on arrival is best for anyone.

If applying Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you will have to pay two kinds of fees:

Our Visa Service fee

Vietnam-visa-feesVietnam Visa Service fee is the fee for us to help you to apply Approval Letter for your Vietnam Visa on Arrival. Once you have this approval letter, you can get your visa stamped at the airport upon arrival. This fee would vary depending upon your visa type, number of applicants and processing time. Please see our visa fee in detail as in the following pricing table.

Note*: for travelers who book our tours/travel packages, we will not charge this fee (applicable for citizens with no restriction).

Vietnam Visa Stamping fee

Vietnam-visa-feesVisa Stamping Fee is the fee you will have to pay at the airport upon arrival. This fee is paid directly to the custom in USD (cash). Vietnam Visa Stamping fee vary depending on your visa type. It is 25 USD for a single entry visa, 50 USD for a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months, 95 USD for 6 months multiple entry visa, or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entries visa.

Note*: the stamping fee is not included in our services.

Vietnam On Arrival: information about Vietnam Visa that you should need before travelling to Vietnam. Tripadvisor Reviews

The visa fees in detail that you will have to pay if applying Vietnam Visa on Arrival


  • You will have to fill out an Arrival Form at the airport. Please download the form and fill in before hand to save time waiting at the airport.
  • Do prepare cash for the airport stamping fee and 2 passport photos

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